About Dr. Dave

Noth Plainfield High School 1974-1978
Upsala College/Seton Hall University 1978-1980
East Orange West Orange, New Jersey
Major: Chemistry and International Business.

Medical Education:
Universita Degli Studi Roma
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5
Roma, Italy 00100
Six Year curriculum 1981-1987
Degree: Medicine and Surgery

Professional Experience:
St. Elizabeth Hospital Internal Medicine-Clerkship

Morristown Memorial Hospital Division of cardiology John S. Banas M.D.

Medical Residency Internal Medicine St. Vincent’s Medical Center Bridgeport, CT

Fellowship Endocrinology and Metabolism Unviersity of Connecticut U Conn. Health Center Farmington, CT



Private Practice
David J. Domenichini, M.D.
1216 Farmington Avenue
Suite 102
West Hartford, CT 06107

Hospital Affiliations:
Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT
Bristol Hospital, Bristol, CT

Medical Certification:
Internal Medicine
Endocrinology 1996
Flex – 1991

Other Affiliations:
American College of Physicians
American College of Endocrinology
American Diabetes Association
Novo Pharm.-clinical speaker
Ely-Lilly-clinical speaker
Takeda Pharm-clinical speaker
Merck-clinical speaker



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